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Wowhead Stat Weights

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Wowhead Stat Weights

Post by Chev on Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:22 pm

Wowhead just opened up a great way to search for gear on its website within the last few days that enables you to search with a new filter based on weights for the stats. I was skepticial at first, but when I looked at the Protection Paladin weights they were pretty close to what I had. So I highly recommend using this to make the gear search even easier.

Fire Mage Cloaks;;gm=3

Using the preset pve Fire item weights, it will order the items from highest to lowest weights. Now you just need to see what is accessible. Unfortunately, the #1 Cloak is from Kil'Jaeden, the final boss in Sunwell which is not accessible to our guild, but if you scroll down items will pop up. Among epics, there are two badge cloaks that rate high and a cloak that drops off Moroes. There are also two very good blue cloaks that drop in Magister's Terrace. Further down, you will reach the very easily accessible blue quest items, BOE items, and tailoring items.

Use this link to get yourself started:;;gm=3

You will need to select your class, spec, type of armor and which slot your looking for to get started!

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