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Ding, 76!

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Ding, 76!

Post by Chev on Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:17 pm

Just dinged 76 tonight (one level from the current cap)
Here's an overview of my Wrath experience so far;

Borean Tundra, took me from 70-72
Howling Fyord is the other starting zone, I skipped this completely but plan on playing this zone on live.
Dragonblight took me from 72-74
At 74, you can go to Zul'drak or Grizzly Hills...I started with Grizzly Hills then went to Zul'drak thinking there would be Saranite Mines there.
Also at 74, you get a quest that teleports you to Dalaran. You cannot enter Dalaran before then, unless u get a mage teleport/warlock summon.
76 is a good level to go to Sholezar Basin. A thing that seems to happen alot is I get taken to places by surprise because I don't read the quest...at 76, a questgiver next to the FP in Dalaran sends you to Sholezar Basin.

Cobalt Ore is present in the first zones until Sholezar Basin.
Saronite is rare in the 74 zones but plentiful by what i've seen so far in Sholezar Basin.
I made a beeline for every cobalt I saw...but every once in awhile I ignored them. Big mistake, I still need a bunch more for blacksmithing (and I had 100+ bars or 200+ ores)...so I will need to continue to quest in Grizzly Hills/Zul'drak for now.

Very short...fun, good gear is to be had. I got a new tanking ring from Anab'arak in a 74 instance and another tanking ring from Drek'tharon Keep from a quest, another 74ish instance in Grizzly Hills.

I eventually found out that questing in compromised of many quest hubs, much like TBC, except much more plentiful. The best way to quest i've found, is to do one hub at a time...that way the quests will never become overwhelming and you won't forget where the quests come from (many occurrences of the quest text saying a direction from the quest giver) The quests are structured in such a way that you will only have 1 or 2 quest lines at a time. So there will be a group of quests (usually 1-3) pointing you to one direction and another group to another direction. When you finish one group, you continue the chain and usually get another group of quests pointing you in a new direction. Overall, this new style of questing comes out to be even better than TBC. The only annoyance is trying to find things occasionally. But wowhead will solve that on live.

Let me know if there's anything you want me to look for.


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Howling Fyord

Post by qwikzotik on Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:50 am

Straight up Monty Python reference. Sweet.


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