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Rogue help?

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Rogue help?

Post by brandon^^ on Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:51 pm

whats the combat rotation
etc and
rly do i need a slow MH fast OH?

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Re: Rogue help?

Post by Ezmac on Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:27 pm

oh boy!

For great rogue basics, I suggest Elitis Jerks forum (http://elitistjerks.com/f78/t54257-3_1_rogue_faq_if_youre_new_ish_here_read_before_posting_updated_6_20_09_a/) and WowHead Rogue Forum sticky (http://www.wowhead.com/?forums&topic=102055)..but really, I can answer most everything you want to know:


Wep speed, great post here: http://www.wow.com/2009/04/29/encrypted-text-the-logic-behind-rogue-axioms/

In short:

MH slow is a must b/c of the mechanics of SS (sinister strike) and SS is your combo pt builder (as opposed to Mutilate, which is your builder in Mut spec and Hemmorage which is your builder in Shadowstep spec) but MH wep speed is trumped by DPS. So, take the highest DPS MH you can find that is 2.5 or slower and spec to that (sword v fist/dagger v mace)

OH wep speed is CRITICAL for combat spec b/c of the Combat Potency talent which procs your ability to replenish enegry and energy is huge for Raid settings, where you're, ideally, pounding a sinlge target. 1.4 is the best, but 1.5 can work...1.6 is not fast enough, really, and should be avoided once you start finding good gear. Besides wep speed, your OH is really a stat booster, and dps is not nearly as important...but every bit helps.

Comabt Rotation:

Open any way you want--Rupture is best if you can get there, but if not, tricks/trade onto the tank and then killing spree to give the Tank a huge agro boost then start your rotation...

If you could get off a rupture, immediately use that combo point (CP) to begin your Slice and Dice (SD) and then build CPs until you can get at least a 4 CP rupture off before dropping SD. If you can get 5 off, then do it. Refresh SD with 1 or 2 CP and keep rupture up at a 4-5CP clip.

If you are lucky enough to get more CPs to proc from Ruthlessness or an extra bit of energy from Relentless Strikes that would then allow you to hit anotehr SS that would give you another CP (you get the idea) then you can start working in these two additional finishers:

Expose Armor and Eviscerate

Expose Armor has been getting kicked around since 3.1, but I sitll believe it is a must debuff. Ideally you're tank will already have some debuff on the target that reduces it's armor by 20%, but if they don't (which happens alot, btw) then you should get this up. 1 CP reduces the same armor as 5 CP (20%) but 1CP only keeps the debuff up for 6 sec and 5 keeps it up for 30. An extra 5CP expose armor is gold for you dps because it allows you to flow through your rotation without any pause and with the 4 set tier 7 bonus, it's generally easy to keep this up, so I always work 5CP expose armor into my rotation.

Finally, if you have 5 CPS up, your SD is up and your rupture is up and your expose armor is up, then you should mix in an Eviscerate. At 5 CP it can hit for 8+K dmg if it crits...but if it doesn't it can hit for less than a "normal" crit SS, so don't eviscerate unless 1) you have 5CP up with no where to go and 2) your crit % is above 35%. Otherwise energy pool...energy pooling is not bad at all, but is yet another level of complexity that we don't need to get into unless you want to.

Yay rogues.

PS--Mutilate is HELLLA EASIER to play, so if you don't like all this crap above, I suggest gearing out for Mut. It will still rock the DPS. The best way to get the most out of Combat is to make sure to always blow your CDs when they're up on: Killing Spree, Adrenaline Rush and BladeFlurry. AR and BF should be blown together when possible and when AR is up, you should be able to get all your rotations up quickly and then it's easier to manage them. So blow AR immediately in the fight once you have a tricks of the trade up.

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