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Looking epic without the raiding

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Looking epic without the raiding

Post by Relina on Tue May 06, 2008 12:50 pm

I've been resorting to a website that shows me where to find the 'look-alike Judgment set' in the game, but someone made a link to a page that shows all armor 'sets' that can be found in Outlands. Given all the alts and vast diversity in class roles we have, I thought I'd share:

While I dread running some of those places on Heroic, it's nice to know where to go to find gear for my various characters..whenever I get them to 70. (As for Relina, I just need the racers, shoulders, leggings, and boots, and she'll have the complete 'set'. ...seems like a lot, but considering I started with nothing...) Wink

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